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The Impossible Dream

(by Theresa Wilson)

Starting when she was born and flourishing ever since, I strove to develop a bond with my daughter that could not be easily broken. The bond was there when Destiny brought home pictures she made in school, and I responded with affirmations; when she learned to ride her bike and needed a Band-Aid on her knee; when she was a Girl Scout selling cookies or wanted help with her homework. It was all part of promoting a secure attachment for her later in life. I was her first teacher and mentor.

I tried to give my daughter a picture of what she could become, to challenge her to be a part of something bigger than herself, even to do the impossible. I did my best to channel her in the direction of her interests and personal goals. She learned early in life that her mother is a human being, and it’s okay to be human, imperfect but confident. She also learned to be competitive from me, and to realize that playing just for fun is sometimes an option.