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A Pregnant Pause

(by Crystal Scott)

Whether it is physical or spiritual, being a mother is a full-time, non-stop activity. You are The Source for your child. You nurture, you advise, you cook, you clean, you warn, you cry, you worry. You parent.

As if this was not a task and a half, Corona comes along to increase the stress levels. For me, a 22-year-old mother-to-be, the flutters in my belly slowly turn into kicks, and I am reminded day by day that the walls of my uterus can only serve for so long as a shelter from Corona’s hazardous claws.

Corona beat me to the finish line of motherhood; it has taken over any concept of control. I’m not sure if it was the most appropriate time to have a baby. In my fifth month of pregnancy, I remind myself daily, that I indeed can do this, that the world is still whole for my child and me. I prepare meals like Nigerian plaintains and eggs (a craving that was amplified when I became pregnant), knowing that I’m nourishing two lives. Like all mothers, we created and therefore we own, so I will resist being bullied by a disease that has no bearing or