Lydia Carlston

With daughters at the age of explosive growth and multiple interests, a woman who has become “boring Mom” finds some gifts in quarantining together.

Patricia Fieldsteel

Asparagus was a crucible in the family. Nana ate it from a jar. A beloved aunt mulched and slurped the fresh stalks like a savage. Mother did not approve.

Julie Salamon

Mom was always exciting, sometimes maddening, occasionally embarrassing, like trying to bribe a policeman from giving her a parking ticket with the homegrown tomatoes in her trunk.

Derya Celikkol

Mom’s advice and lessons were “cheat codes,” like the ones you use in video games to get to a higher level. And she seemed to anticipate exactly what her daughter would need for comfort in a pandemic.

Yolanda Allen

Bad relationships and poor choices meant Mom was not setting a good example for her daughter, until they both figured out there was no time to waste.

Paula T. Lin

A child of Chinese immigrants “married well,” but the emotional scars from a childhood of poverty and hunger stayed with her, and defined what she wanted for her daughters.

Bex Brian

A daughter muses about her mother’s life during the bombing of London—the rationing of food, the randomness of who lived and died—and finds similarities to today’s world. What would Mum think now?

Andriena P. Botto Roever, Valentina Roever, and Sophia Roever

A mother who made a new life in America teaches her three daughters the food traditions of her Argentinean heritage, but even more importantly, models how to make a difference in the world.

Crystal Scott

A young mother-to-be feels the stress of knowing that her womb will not always be shelter for her child from the dangers of the world in the time of coronavirus.

Désirée Willmes

Food has always been Mom’s passion. Now she and her daughter exchange recipes, celebrate the occasional happy hour, and share many delicious memories—only on FaceTime.

Keira Smith

Mum is an ambulance technician, a hero who saves lives. To alleviate worry and missing her, a daughter away at college practices the healthy cooking Mum taught.

Mary Kate Magee

Separated by circumstances, a mom who taught her daughters to be goddesses reinforces her advice from afar, including her belief that there is a dish to solve every problem.

Meg Currell

It was frustrating to replicate the food of her childhood from her mother’s recipes, written in a shorthand that rendered the information undecipherable.

Nefertiti DiCosmo

Divorce caused a rift between a Mama’s girl and her Mama. But when the daughter became a mother herself, she found a way back through her own child.

Thylias Moss

Her family had “immigrated” in shackles. So she married into a family that had decided to come to America, as a proud choice. And then she adopted his food.

Cherie Burns

When the pandemic made it impossible to travel for the birth of a grandchild, the connection between mother and daughter continued via video-conference, with cooking lessons about family recipes.

Amanda Uhry

A particular orange pound cake was deeply symbolic, a reminder of the sudden loss of family. It became grief, and then a vehicle for overcoming it.

Judy Bolton-Fasman

Dinner in a Cuban Sephardic Jewish family provided a gift from one culture to another.

Suzanne Turner

Coronavirus lockdown + deeply fabulous mom = a genius way not to miss her daughter’s birthday tradition.

Andrea Santo Felcone

Mom turned to The Wonderful World of Freezer Cooking for her party prep, including recommendations for the slow thawing of dinner, like “taking in a movie” and a long soak in the tub.

M.T. Rose

Mom turned supermarket shopping into an adventure, overlooking her daughter’s stealth purchases of unauthorized snacks.

Jae Jung

The tiger in Korean fables is a guardian that will oust evil spirits and bring good fortune, but also a scary and unbeatable figure. And Mama Kim was not happy when her daughter wanted to become a chef.

Erin Roach

Mother and daughter both love travel, shopping, theater, fashion, and a well-crafted sarcastic remark. They never bonded over cooking because they were too busy bonding over everything else.

Chandini Prakash

At a summer home in India, generations of women gathered in the kitchen, cooking, singing, teasing, telling stories, and teaching math.

Haley Coopersmith

The signature recipe of a happy Jewish festival is passed down through three generations—and shared with kids on two continents to encourage celebrating their own cultures and traditions.


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