Nina Ferrari

What she got from her mother wasn’t enough, or was too much. Her food tasted like love strained through a cheesecloth of resentment.

Angela Lambru

While her classmates were eating bologna, it took a long time to appreciate her Costa Rican mother's bean sandwiches.

Eleni Pisano

An Italian mother teaches her daughter that food is knowledge, language, history, power—but takes her advice too.

Sophy Mesa Bejarano

While Mom stirred the pots, she helped with learning the multiplication tables. But the aroma of her fried plantains was distracting.

Layce Lynne Kieu

Most of the important things a daughter wanted to say were said while her mom was cooking—never more important than when she was recovering from a trauma.

JP Sebastian

The ultimate threat from Mom was, "If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any dessert." Professional advice was necessary.

Rachael Leigh

An occasional treat from a foster mother's kitchen was the only measure of caring.

Bex Brian

With a mother who had a stellar career, a daughter assumed the responsibilities of running a household, which was a grand game—until it wasn’t.

Audrey Molloy

An Irish poet remembers her mother's lists of the things she hated to eat and the things she liked.

Latonya Black Gilliard

Mom worked long days and came home tired, but dinner was a must, at a long kitchen table that always had place mats on it.

Mary Jones

A cooking competition was exhilarating for a young girl, with most of the recipes passed down from her mother, and her mother’s mother, and so on.

Robin Winzenread Fritz

An imaginative mother, barely beyond her own childhood, fills her daughters' mealtimes with wonder and mischief.

Hannah Artman

When Mom said, "Get out of the kitchen," her daughter got out of the kitchen. But it was still the coolest hang-out house in the neighborhood.

Toby Poser

During a beloved daughter's year abroad, she and her mother converse in a language they both love: food.

Kristal Damron

Mom taught and role-modeled so many life lessons: a strong work ethic, the importance of character, kindness, and courage. But when it came to cooking, Granny ruled.

Barbara Ballinger

Food used to be a substantial and comforting connection between mother and daughter. How do you re-jigger a relationship when one person’s filter goes awry?

Andrea Cherkerzian Dennigan

Bringing an ordad—a non-Armenian—into the family was a big deal. Mom knew the way to an Armenian's heart was through the stomach.

Thylias Moss

Mama wanted meat cooked like shoe leather, burnt, the way she felt about herself, the way life had treated her, and also about her daughter.

Jillian Van Hefty

Mom was a “cigarette girl” with a strawberry-blond beehive. These days, people stare for different reasons.

Silvia Luque

Mom said it was easier to advise her students than to talk to her three daughters, but her food always made them feel loved.

Aimee Lee Ball

The rule was:: No swimming for an hour after eating. But Mom's fried green tomatoes were worth the wait.

Katherine King

Mom was disappointed if someone showed up well fed because it was hard for her not to cook something.

Souwaila Mamou

For a young woman from Cameroon, Mom is the ultimate culinary teacher, but sometimes the student becomes the master.

Bex Brian

Mum survived wartime deprivation, but later seemed to be at war with food, held by an iron grip of guilt and the private scold in her head.

Shabnam Curtis

Released from the confinement of a childhood in Iran, a daughter comes to terms with both a dictator regime and traditional strict parenting.

Jane Clarke

A poetic tribute to a mother who shared her tricks of the trade.

Nicole Gray

All kinds of music helped mother and daughter bond and get rid of negativity, until the day the music stopped.

Elissa Altman

Mom stopped eating—it was a form of grief. Just as her appetite was returning, her daughter introduced the love of her life.

Jordan Reed

From toxic to tender: With patience and therapy, a mother and daughter change the channel of their relationship.

Anna Tierney

A daughter regrets that her mother did not enjoy  life more without the words “I am fat” constantly playing in her head.

Juliet Fessel

Friends gush over Mama's Thai food, but she won't make it for her own daughter.

Tamara Dey-Venturella

Mom’s kitchen M.O.: messy.

Daughter’s kitchen M.O.: OCD.

But a lot of deep, insightful conversations went on there.

Kyoko Era

A traditional Japanese mother teaches the value of "longevity food" and living with conviction.

Dana Aber

Joining the family to enjoy, and really taste, Mom's sweet or savory treats again marked a triumph over trauma.

Daijaha Davis

Knowing how to cook and play with flavors was passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother. Then it skipped a generation.

Karen Karatz Gonzalez

One night when she was six years old, her mother whispered happily in her ear, “It’s time to go to the United States.”

Kelly Wells

A young daughter teaches her mother to be more open to bliss, and to make time for rainbow waffles.

Nancy DeRosa

For a child of divorce, Mom's meals conveyed love, comfort, and consistency, no matter where the food came from.

Aimee Lee Ball

The only child of an older mother longs for sisters. Summer with a bunk-ful of girls is the answer—except for the dreadful food.

Silentia Slaboch

Apparently Mom always knew how to cook, but why should she if there was someone in the house more passionate about it?

Patricia Fieldsteel

Mother was horrified when her larger-than-life grandmother ate a dozen deviled eggs.