Theresa Wilson

A mother realizes that she is her daughter’s first teacher and mentor, challenging her to be part of something big.

Anna-Rosina Bunk

A daughter struggles with body shaming on the road to acceptance from (and of) her mother.

Suzy Vitello

A young woman goes to meet her boyfriend's family and finds a new mother.

Laura Stanfill

A daughter with mysterious childhood illnesses manages to grow, even thrive, with her mother’s skilled resourcefulness.

Mimi and Sophia Lesseos

She had a traumatic childhood—the opposite of “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” that she watched on TV. But she determined to raise her own children differently. And she became fearless.

Stella Chase Reese

The woman behind the stove at Dooky Chase’s Restaurant learned to read from books that her father salvaged from the trash at a school for white children, and became a New Orleans legend.

Janie Braxton

A woman whose birth was considered to be a stain on the family’s name was given one tool in life: how to cook.

Phyllis Paul

A daughter remembers an amazing cook and a generation of women who spent hours in the kitchen with no complaints (and no leftovers).

Carol Brooks

Tackling her mother’s recipes this holiday season, a daughter follows the cooking guidelines that were passed down, including: Don’t be afraid to try.

Kylie Mazon-Chambers

At holiday time, Mom loves sharing something special and homemade with others—and “others” might include anyone from the clerk at Target to the gas station attendant.

Aimee Lee Ball

Learning from Mom how to live in the moment and embrace change.

Dana Klosner-Wehner

Mom could often be found at the kitchen table, lost in a book about the rich and famous, while her daughters ate spaghetti with ketchup.

Sioban Twomey

When a beloved daughter succumbed to the worship of thinness, her mother had to get her help.

Ne’Untae Brown

Mama ruled in the kitchen, and her daughter admired absolutely everything about her, so naturally she decided, with no experience, to make one of Mama's famous recipes, with fiery results.

Bex Brian

One of the reasons Mother never cleaned is because things weren't changed, merely brought back to their original state. What she liked was to tweak things, including food.

Patricia Becker-Spellman

Mom was a high-society beauty queen in Mexico City, and cooking never interested her, so her holiday meals were basically inedible. One Thanksgiving, her daughter took over.

Rose Bianco

Cooking lessons created a loving bond between mother and rebellious daughter. This year, a new Thanksgiving tradition became necessary.

Amy Fischer Smith

Mom had lots of advice, especially about restaurants, like having a private Michelin inspector. Her advice lives on, even after she's gone.

Cristina Perez Edmunds

A daughter who learned to cook from her mom fantasized about carrying on those traditions with her own child. But other plans became necessary.

Linda JohnPierre

Mum dished out large portions of meals she'd prepared with so much love, but then criticized her daughter's weight.

Nina Ferrari

What she got from her mother wasn’t enough, or was too much. Her food tasted like love strained through a cheesecloth of resentment.

Angela Lambru

While her classmates were eating bologna, it took a long time to appreciate her Costa Rican mother's bean sandwiches.

Eleni Pisano

An Italian mother teaches her daughter that food is knowledge, language, history, power—but takes her advice too.

Sophy Mesa Bejarano

While Mom stirred the pots, she helped with learning the multiplication tables. But the aroma of her fried plantains was distracting.

Layce Lynne Kieu

Most of the important things a daughter wanted to say were said while her mom was cooking—never more important than when she was recovering from a trauma.


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