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A Squish A Day

(by Eleanor May Blackburn)

You are comfort, safety and home

I wriggled and giggled when my hair you used to comb

The lugs and comb caused tears to fall

But I was overwhelmed by the joy of being curled up in a ball

On your knee, for you see

I squirm in delight at being close to you

There are no limits to what you’d do

For someone else

And that’s all the more evident in this crisis

Making healthy food that’s rich in tasty herbs and spices

To share, hand and give around

Food is a wondrous remedy for lockdown

Soup and crusty bread that tastes like being happy

Mopping the first with the latter messily and badly

Warm are your arms, warm is the soup

I finish and then you stoop to swoop me up

And nowadays you may not have to stoop to reach me

But your embrace still makes me feel fuzzy and carefree

And like the world is mine for the taking

None can compete with the amount of squishes we are making

Then we’re baking and shaking with laughter

Right now it’s a long natter and socially distanced drinks after

Back then it was please just one more chapter

You always put everything else after your priority of looking after us

We challenge each other with our different opinions when we discuss

And you say I’m always right