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Moroccan Fish (Dag Morocai)

(by Bethany Ball)

1 lb. tilapia fillets

1 t. salt

juice of 2 lemons

1 large tomato

2 red bell peppers

whole head of garlic

1 green jalapeno pepper

salt and pepper to taste

2 T. paprika

1 t. chili flakes

1/2 c. olive oil

1 lemon, sliced very thin

1 c. chopped cilantro

Put tilapia in salt and lemon juice for half an hour ("to take out the dirt from the sea"), then rinse off and set aside.

In a big pan, slice tomato into rounds, and cover the bottom of the pan (no olive oil).

Remove core from bell peppers. Cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds, cut into strips, and add to tomatoes.

Separate garlic into cloves and peel. Cut each clove in half, and spread across the peppers.

Cut up a green jalapeno pepper, and spread on top.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Mix paprika and chili flakes, then stir into olive oil, and spread over vegetables.

Pour in enough water to cover the vegetables, about 1 cup.

Place over medium-high heat until the liquid comes to a boil.

Lower heat, cover, and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes, shaking pan periodically.

Taste for heat and salt.

Place fish on top of vegetables.

Place thinly sliced lemon on top of fish.

Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes, periodically spooning some of the sauce on top of fish.

Add chopped cilantro, and cook 15 minutes more.

Serve with challah bread.

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