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Table For Two

(by Kathy Lofton)

My father remained in my life after my parents’ divorce, but Momma had primary custody. Since I was an only child, it was Momma and me against the world—or maybe I should say against Shelby County, Tennessee, where we live. Her lessons and sacrifices afforded me the opportunity to live in three other states as an adult, but it has been only one locale for Momma.

Actually, it was great visiting between two parents. Some children don’t see their father much, or ever again, after divorce. Not in my case. I got to have two houses and two sets of activities. A big adjustment, but welcomed. I could do PTA meetings with Momma (she was the president for two years) or go fishing with Daddy, even though I am super afraid of fish and worms. My parents remained extremely amicable until Daddy’s death in 2020. I took care of him while ill for nearly eight years.