Dec 16, 2018

Some Days Require Cookies




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  • Admin
    7 hours ago

    In the cutthroat world of Girl Scout cookie-selling, it takes considerable effort to become a champion. But a Colorado Girl Scout and her mom took the graphic design route this year, transforming the Scouts’ best cookie, the coconut-chocolate Samoas, into Momoas, honoring Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Charlotte's mother, who works in marketing, caught wind of a meme comparing the similarity between the words "Samoa" and "Momoa" ... as in the actor Jason Momoa . The mom and daughter duo reprinted the classic purple Girl Scout cookie boxes with a large photo of Jason Momoa on the front of the box and retitled the cookies "Momoas." (NBC Today)
  • rachel
    Dec 27, 2018

    Every year I bake and give my Grandmother's Russian tea cakes to friends over the holidays. I make cute decorated baskets (recycled from the tomatoes I buy all year) and watch people delight in the sweet / nuttiness of the little cookies. It is a great way to keep my grandmother's baking tradition's alive and this year it will be exchanged with a #dough4good campaign to support GlamourGals. You can read more here to find the three sweet ways your cookie baking can give this holiday season!
  • Admin
    Dec 15, 2018

    Here's a mother/daughter cookie company whose baking is literally healing: