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Back On Track

(by Yolanda Allen)

Most people say, “I got myself into this mess.” I say, “Only God can get me out.” I am a single mother of four. I have three men and a li’l lady. Her name is Lady Bug, and she is now 18.

Accountability and having good character are things I have always taught my daughter. Many women are nurturers, but I think it’s important to stay strong as well as sweet, and to be independent. It is never acceptable to allow people to treat you poorly.

But I really was not the best example for my children. I had several bad relationships and made poor choices. My drugs of choice were alcohol and prescription pain meds. I was overweight, and my health was really bad. I had several brushes with death. After being homeless for the third time, I vowed to change my life for all of my children but mainly for my Lady Bug. And I had a lot to fix.