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If Music Be the Food of Love

(by Eva Caisey Thompson, Maria Thompson Corley, and Kiana Corley)

Eva Caisey Thompson:

Even though I was a dedicated piano teacher for my children, my attitude about cooking was much like that of my mother. I felt that if one could read, one would be able to cook. That has definitely proven to be the case for my daughters (Maria, Alicia, and Patricia), my sisters, and me. In my family, we have always been concerned about eating nutritious meals, but the preparation of food takes a back seat to musical endeavors.

As far back as I can remember, and until I was about six years of age, I heard the music of my mother, Cecily Richardson–Caisey, a 1930 pianoforte graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, who came home to Bermuda after graduation and played classical piano music at least five days a week (Sunday was excepted). My early afternoons consisted of singing children's songs while marching around a table in the parlor, followed by playing with picture puzzles, coloring, or reading, all the while