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Homemade Bread

(by Kresha Richman Warnock)

3 packages active dry yeast

1/2 lb. salted butter (although Mom used margarine)

12 c. all-purpose unbleached flour (up to 4 c. of it can be whole wheat)

1 1/2 c. sugar

2 T. salt

4 c. milk

Dissolve yeast in 1/2 c. water. (Must be in an old mug!)

Melt butter, and set aside to cool

In a square yellow plastic bin or other large bowl, combine flour, sugar, and salt.

Make a well, and add the milk, melted butter, and dissolved yeast.

Mix with a spoon until you can’t mix it any more. Then knead until the mixture forms a large, smooth ball.

Let rise until doubled in size, about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Punch down and divide into 4 batches.

Form into 4 loaves and place in greased loaf pans, either 8 x 4 or 9 x 5.

(Mom would usually make 3 loaves and shape the last batch of dough into

approximately 24 small knotted rolls or 12 hamburger buns.)

Let rise for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Bake loaves for about 40 minutes, rolls for about 20 minutes.

(Read Did I Mention I Love Bread?, the story that accompanies this recipe.)

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