Fruit and Vegetable Characters

(by Marilyn Joshua Williams)

Edible story ingredients:

1 orange bell pepper

7 strawberries

1 banana

2 golden berries

3 – 4 Persian cucumbers

Non-edible story ingredients:

Google eyes

A simple way to structure a literacy event: After the vegetable characters are created, explain that every story needs a title, a main character (with a name), a setting (where the story takes place), and a problem that the main character must overcome. Parents can use a traditional story starter like, “Once upon a time, Bell and his/her friends went to the park to play. When it was time to go home, Bell and his friends were surprised to find....” Allow children to be creative. The story doesn’t need to be perfect. What is most important is to involve children in the choices so they feel that they are helping to create the characters and author the story. For older children, parents can write the story as children dictate. If time permits, transcribe the story and read it together.

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