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My Mother’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad

Updated: Apr 14

(by Hajer Almosleh)

1 bunch kale (or 8 oz. kale leaves)

6 oz. spinach

6 oz. arugula

6 oz. salad greens

3 tomatoes, cubed

1/4 c. each green, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers

1 medium organic seedless cucumber

2 carrots

1/4 - 1/3 c. lemon juice

1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil

1/4 c. pitted olives (Kalamata olives are great)

1 bunch parsley

10 fresh mint leaves

1/4 c. almonds

1/4 c. walnut halves

1/4 c. pitted dates

1/4 c. dried figs (or cranberries or raisins)

15 oz. can chickpeas, drained

salt to taste

Wash what has to be washed, coarsely chop what needs to be chopped, finely chop what requires to be finely chopped (parsley and mint), cube what must be cubed. Toss everything together.

Hint: Try the salad with quinoa and grilled salmon on the side.

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